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     all that is solid melts into air

Solo Theater Performance created and performed by Mor Dovrat

"If seeing is believing

How can we be sure that the air

Is really there?"

In a colorful and playful imaginary sphare a Guru is communicating with the public, trying to bring them with him to the next evolutionary step by letting go of everything they believe in. Once he is as well naked of his belief,        

what would he choose? Infinity or nihilism?

Somewhere between performance-art and post-clown  //   between sacred and profane  //  between female and male,
Mor found her own unique style where she confronts the public and herself with the absurdity of belief and
the search for meaning.

The Show won the prize "Gemini D´oro" in RomaTeatroFestival for best performer for the year 2016

Premiered in June 2015 in Locarno Switzerland, since then the show performed across Switzerland, Rome, Berlin and Tel-Aviv.


Produced by Accademia Teatro Dimitri, supported by PARS Stiftung.     

"Watching 'Aber Glaube' is an awakening, a cascade of laughter showers, a swallowing of the bittersweet pill of what it means to be human  and alive. Rhythm, sound, precision, dramaturgy, stage, movement; Mor Dovrat knows how to deal with all the means of theater and turns her one-woman show into a spectacle as the world has not yet seen. There are always deeper and more silent layers of human truth and human suffering. What is evolution? The human being? How can we actually exist? And... what are we doing here? Thanks to the admirable wisdom, as well as the understanding of human-kind of the gifted artist, who is the master of her play-zone, we will be participants in a crash course in biology, philosophy and sociology. Art in your face!"

                                                                               -Alina Neumeyer, Berlin

Concept,  Acting and Original Music - Mor Dovrat
External Eye - Luigi Guerierri
Light Design - Christoph Siegenthaler
Dramaturgical Asisstance - Balasz Varnai

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