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Mor Dovrat is a multidisciplinary artist who is active as a performance artist, film and theater actress, musician, filmmaker, and artistic director.
She describes herself as a "disciplinary nomad" with performance-art as her creative home.

In her work, Mor brings existential paradoxes to light, often with a touch of self-irony. She graduated from the Sofy Moskowich Art of Acting School in Tel Aviv in 2010 with a degree in Physical Theatre, and after graduation appeared in films such as "40 Road South".

In 2013, she migrated to Switzerland to complete her MA at the "Accademia Teatro Dimitri". In particular, her diploma piece "Aber-Glaube" won her the prize for best performer at the Roma Theatre Festival.
Making her mark in the film world, Mor presented her debut short film "MY FORELOVE" as director and screenwriter at the 69th Cannes Film Festival in 2016. A year later, she co- founded the theater group "thank you for the compliments," where she led and performed in performances such as "Freedom of Speechless," "Saturn Machine," "M.E.G.A - Make Earth Great Again," “MISENTO" and “Oracle Opus”.

In 2019, Mor initiated and co-founded the Biel-based artist platform "KarteNoire2502," where she personally created over 13 performances. Her commitment to supporting the local art scene continued in 2022, when she took on the role of artistic director of KarteNoire2502, providing visibility and development support to Biel-based performance artists.

Her artistic talent was recognised with the OFF-STAGE grant from the Canton of Berne in 2021.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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