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Freedom of Speechless

where art and fascism meet

​by and with

Yarden Gilboa and Mor Dovrat

A physical theater piece, about the most basic human right – the right of free speech.

Freedom of Speechless was conceived from a growing concern of a reality, in which artistic freedom is governed by sovereignty.

Two characters with a crucial need to express themselves, declare ownership of art. They are isolated inside an arena infront of the public. In their desperate attempts to articulate their existence they limit each others´ worlds. One argues that "art is fascism, and fascism is art", which is the casus belli to her declaration of war on her counterpart, who is convinced that she is the embodiment of art.

They spiral in an infinite struggle, blurring the lines between expression and oppression.

Freedom of speechless has premiered in March 2017 in Switzerland. Since then it has performed across Switzerland, Berlin and Israel.

"One of the most relevant topics of today is illuminated by two brilliant performers that shed a new light on the theme while turning it into an absurd and disturbing comic experience that never ceases to surprise".

                                                                                           - Nitzan Cohen, Artistic Director of Tmuna Theater, Tel Aviv.

"Freedom of speechless is an exceptional acting display by both creators Yarden Gilboa and Mor Dovrat, who effortlessly,  intelligently and with much humor, succeed in delivering an important message."

                                                                             -  Noa Shechter CEO and artistic director at  Tahel Theatre, Tel Aviv.

Concept and Acting - Mor Dovrat and Yarden Gilboa

External Eye- Noam Ben Azar

Dramaturgical Assistance- Samuel Müller

Music- Yan Kogan

Light Design- Shai Skiba

Costume and Stage Design- Dalit Inbar

Supported by: Swisslos Canton of Bern, City of Biel, Ernst Gönher Foundation, and dada 100

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