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suspension of disbelief



Samuel Müller & Mor Dovrat

Inspired by the most absurd conspiracy theories we could find online, we ask ourselves-

What is reality? Maybe it's just a story we believe in so hard until we forget that's it's only a story?

In times of fake news, alternative facts, post-truth, disinformation and constant surveillance, how is it even possible NOT to be paranoid?

Using the body in the space as a main tool of expression, SATURN MACHINE is a glimpse at two people who are isolated in their own paranoia, and can´t tell the difference between reality and fiction. Their imagination becomes a threat. They begin to mistrust each other, themselves and even to doubt their own existence as performers in front of the public.

Is everything a mere simulation? Is the Saturn Machine responsible? Or maybe it´s the theate´s fault because of its cubic shape?

Concept and acting- Samuel Müller, Mor Dovrat
Director- Luigi Guerrieri
Costumes- Anne-Sophie Raemy
Music- Balázs Várnai, Mor Dovrat, Samuel Müller

Duration: ca. 1 hour

Language: *German, English
*possbile to perform entirly in English

Supported by: Swissloss Kanton Bern, Stadt Biel, Migros Kulturprozent





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