thank you for the compliments is a new established (September 2017) interdisciplinary performance company based in Biel, Switzerland. Produced by the cultural association „More Productions“ and Consists of Samuel Müller (CH) and Mor Dovrat (IL, CH).







Samuel Müller

Started performing in the circus Monti with the age of 8. At 17 he started his bachelor studies at Accademia Teatro Dimitri where he obtained as well an MA degree in physical theater. Samuel has took part in a vast veriety of projects in Switzerland and out, including with Famiglia Dimitri, Stadttheater Winterthur, Compagnia Dimitri, Collettivo Spettatori and more.






Mor Dovrat

Absorbed a diploma in physical theater in Tel Aviv and directly after her studies she was involved as an actress in various cinema projects in Israel. In 2011 she migrated to Berlin and two years later arrived to Switzerland to round her education with an MA at Accademia Teatro Dimitri. Today Mor is an indipendant creator osscilating between Theater and Film.


The different personal and cultural background of the company members allows the work to become a unique blend that is fused in the melting pot of Biel. The diverse educational and professional background combined with different work approaches is enriching the artistic languange of the company.

thank you for the compliments is focusing on existential and artistic paradoxes spiced up with self-irony, using the body as a main tool of expression.